A full line of 3M transfer tapes and acrylic foam tape technology is available for temporary, permanent or structural joining to replace spot welds, rivets and mechanical fasteners during production.


A collection of reclosable fasteners with specialized adhesive systems, including hook-and-loop and 3M Dual-Lock™ fasteners for positive blind fastening, can be applied to a variety of surfaces and environments.


A wide range of high-performance open and closed-cell foams equipped with high- performance adhesives can be engineered to fit your specific application.


3M Bumpon® Protective Products Resilient Rollstock, 3M Polymask®, 3M Bumpons® Mylar®, Lexan®, cork, felt and urethane film can be used to safeguard surfaces against damage.


A wide variety of high performance materials are offered for thermal management in LED fixtures and other electronic devices. The 3M materials which we offer for cooling solutions include thermally conductive adhesives, thermally conductive greases, thermal transfer pads, thermal tapes and heat spreading tapes


Energy absorbing Poron® urethane foams, 3M Bumpon® Protective Products Resilient Rollstock, 3M Bumpons® and BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle) materials help eliminate objectionable sounds.